Evaluate Sales Representatives Thru Call Tracking


Most of the time when your sales team is having a great work in the field you, as the manager will feel happy and exuberant too. There are times when rules are break and there is a need to be flexible in order to generate sales. Most of the time when a company is able to generate a significant amount of sales there is no time to think of plans to keep the sales going. The drive to keep the whole situation going is not there anymore since you are at the peak of your sales. Usually every Monday meetings start with a certain amount of surprise. Then the entire problem creeps in when you start asking for possible things or recommendations that they can do for the entire week. If the room is filled with dead air and silent atmosphere the next thing that you might ask is what to do now? Go to the reference of this site for more information about best call tracking software.

It is normal to feel anxious about the situation and then you start implementing certain things without any assurance of gaining good results. Who is at fault, is it you or them? Well the both of you actually, the sales representatives for forgetting the possible things they can do for the week and you for not reminding them of their roles and to be accountable of the possible consequences of their actions. It is vital to create a certain standard or quota that each rep must achieve. Take note you are handling different representatives. If there is a certain person who greatly performs on your team certainly you would want to have the same character he or she is showing to emanate from the rest of the team. But of course no two people are alike hence you have to spend some time with every rep you have and observe their performance in the field. Once you have observed them you have to customize plans that will suit their individual skills. For instance, you have to at least hit 15 doors for a day, with this it allows you to gain four appointments and possible one sale. Basically you will have 5 deals a weak. It is vital to stay with them and observe them, don’t wait for the end of the weak before making a report you can at least request 5 minutes to individually meet up with them. This can be thru a phone call, personal or a report thru emails. Read more about how to do pay per call, follow the link.